The obligations of AS Lasbet Tootmine concerning the quality, product safety (conformity) and its customers have been defined as the quality policy that has been approved by the Chairman of the Board of AS Lasbet Tootmine and consists of the following:

AS Lasbet Tootmine undertakes to comply persistently with its customers’ needs and meet their presumable expectations by manufacturing and issuing production that is in conformity with valid standards, regulations and specification requirements, terms of the contract and legislation on the product conformity.

The objective is to guarantee appropriate production, customer satisfaction and successful business policy of the company. The persistent conformity of the production of AS Lasbet Tootmine is guaranteed by the quality control system approved by the TTU Certification Body. TTU Certification Body as the notified body supervises, evaluates and approves the factory production since 2005.

Certificates issued to Lasbet Tootmine AS:

TTU Certification Body



Inspecta Sertifiointi OY


Lasbet Tootmine AS declarations of performance: